Simple CTF

This is a simple CTF site.
The challenges here are not designed to test your hacking skills, they are designed to test basic networking knowledge.
A proper Internet connection, and reasonable knowledge of networking, DNS and HTTP are all that's required.
If you only have a partial or broken internet connection, you may have trouble completing some of these.


All flags on this CTF are in the form of a SHA512 hash value, they will look something like this:
All of them will be exactly 128 characters long.


Only the following address ranges are in scope:
Anything outside of these ranges is out of scope and should not be touched.


If you have the answers, submit them to ctf [at] ev6 [dot] net
You get one point for a correct answer, and one extra point for explaining the challenge.
The point is not for these challenges to be difficult, in fact they are all very simple and depending on where you try from you may get some of the flags with no effort whatsoever - the main goal here is to understand how each challenge works.


If you're stuck, you can contact the same email address for hints or a walkthrough - ctf [at] ev6 [dot] net
There is now a hints page located at hints.html

Challenge 1 - FTP

The first flag is on an FTP server -, the FTP service runs on port 21264. Extra bonus point if you can explain the significance of port 21264.

Challenge 2 - HTTP

This flag was generously donated by Russian president Vladimir Putin. You can find it at the following location:

Challenge 3 - HTTP again

This one should be simple, the flag is at the following URL:

Challenge 4 - HTTP yet again

Another simple HTTP one, the flag is at the following URL:

Challenge 5 - Email

Simply send an email to to receive the flag.
Please note, free email providers such as gmail, hotmail etc are blacklisted - you need to use something else.